Tuesday, December 29, 2009


For the last couple of weeks we've had some strange little cold spells here in Northern Cali. Enough so that we actually had to plug in the little space heater, even. (Which should tell you a whole lot if you know anything about me at all.)

But, anyway, with something like 4,000+ strings of lighted garland hung throughout the house, I mean, really, it wasn't gonna take much more than a few seconds to blow a fuse.

So, every few minutes, all the lights and TV and heater would just suddenly go off. And after the first 3 times of that happening, and the kids screaming, and the chaos of everyone running around, and the scrambling for flashlights, they finally became so desensitized that they'd just kind of nonchalantly say over their shoulder, "Mom, we blew a fuse again," and I'd scoop up the flashlight and head out to the garage to reset the fuse.

So then we're on our way to southern Cali to spend a couple days with family when driving through a sudden and unexpectedly very dark tunnel in Pasadena, Chago, who's busily playing his Leapster and thoroughly engrossed in his new Batman game, says without even looking up, "Mom, we blew a fuse again."

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sonia said...


Have you taught them the alternate meaning for that phrase yet? That might also come in handy. ; )