Thursday, December 24, 2009


So we were sitting around on the morning of Christmas Eve, talking about the plan for the day and trying to find something to watch on TV that wasn't National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (for the bezillionth time) or Kathie Lee and Hoda politely scratching each other's eyes out, when suddenly my phone rings.

It was a local number, but not one I recognized. And normally, I would just let it go to voicemail, but as I'm becoming increasingly aware of how very unemployed I am, and that how being unemployed actually means that there really isn't any money coming in, and that I really love my Starbucks so dearly, and my shoes, and my handbags, and my Starbucks...



"Hi," says a tiny little voice on the other end of the line. "Thith ith Emily."

"Oh, hi Emily," I respond, "are you looking for Saia?" and all heads in the house popped up like prairie dogs.

So, apparently, Saia and one of her little BFFs at school have exchanged phone numbers. Saia, who can barely remember to brush her teeth every morning, or put on her t-shirt right side out, has miraculously recalled my phone number. Which, yes, I spent hours trying to teach them to memorize by using the tune to Jingle Bells. Which, yes, in case of an emergency, is absolutely a good thing. Which, no, an emergency this is not.

But it was just about the cutest thing to see Saia try to have a normal conversation over the phone. Laughing and giggling about lost teeth and comparing their Tooth Fairy booty. And then when the call got dropped, Emily called back and left a voicemail for Saia to tell her how much she enjoyed talking to her, how she's her best friend, and, oh, by the way, hi Santiago.

Just too cute for words!

But, seriously, people. She's only 6!! She should NOT be getting phone calls from people who are not directly related to her, and even then, it comes through me. But it was Christmas Eve, and I was feeling generous, and maybe a little stunned, so, I hope she enjoyed the moment 'cause it ain't happening again until she turns 18!!!

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