Sunday, June 06, 2010


What an awesome little 'possum we have.

A few Sundays ago, she pulled out her Garden Stone kit, donned her scary bird-flu-looking mask, strapped on her latex gloves (just stop), and mixed her first plaster mold stepping stone.

She added little plastic jewels and made a giant "S" with the colorful mosaic tiles, and off it went into a cozy corner of the garage to dry.

Yesterday, she pulled out her Birdhouse kit. Once she got it all put together, fit all the pegs into their respective holes, tied the string and inserted the dowel perch, I went ahead and hammered in a few tiny nails 'cause, you know, we got some heavy fowl out here in Northern Cali.

Then it was time to paint. And, after a little coercing, she very generously allowed her brother to help. But he was relegated to the right and back sides of the house ONLY. And, even then, she repainted it when he was done. Man, she is SUCH the minime.

The final product, I thought, was pretty darn great. Her colors were gorgeous. Her designs were really creative and fun. She even wrote "Welcome" right over the door. What bird wouldn't want to come hang out here for a while?

Then it was time to paint and plant the garden stone. This one, she didn't allow him to touch. But we sprayed it with varnish so the rain and sprinklers wouldn't wash away all her hardwork, and she even dug the hole herself, which, I know, at this point is really not a shocker with this girl.
Awesome 'possum, I tell you. Indubitably.

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