Saturday, June 26, 2010


County fair conundrum - what's up with ewe, KKK?
"Don't do it, capitán," Mommy calls out to the driver in the F150 trying to cut her off on our way back from the county fair.

"What's capitán, Mommy?" asks Chago.

"It's a captain, son, like of a ship," she says. "Do you know what jefe is?"

"No," he replies.

"It means boss," she says. "Do you know what a boss is?"

"Yes," he says with a smile, "It's like you, you're the boss of Comcast."

"Welllllll..." she begins.

"And like Saia," he continues, ignoring Mommy, and now tossing his sister a sneer, "She thinks she's the boss of me."

And without looking up from her book, she calmly but firmly interjects, "But that's just 'cause I am."