Thursday, June 24, 2010


So only because we promised AND I just don't think I could take one more hour of "Mom, as soon as you feel better, can we go get my music?" I finally peeled back the covers and got myself together enough to get us over to Target. They don't really care there that I haven't showered in 3 days and totally reek of mentholatum.

But for the monsters' graduation from 1st grade, we got him a new Leapster. He really loves the thing, has a ton of games, files it second only to books, and completely used the first one so much that he got years ago from Santa that he has to pound the stylus on the screen just to get it to move, and toggle the on/off switch repeatedly to get the sound to come on properly. Basically, he was due, and thrilled to high heaven to be able tap gently again and to hear the instructions in full and complete sentences.

Saia, on the hand, specifically requested an iPod. Well, actually, she's been asking for a Nintendo DSi ever since Justin and Madisyn came to visit last, but we're not really ready to make that move into the gaming world yet. We were, however, willing to listen to the iPod argument, so long as it didn't involve the words, "Emily has one," or "Kelly says," or "I saw a commercial..."

But our Saia, she's a smart cookie. So, she started off telling me how much she loved the music they played over the loud speakers at their Walk-a-Thon (one of those Kids Bop CDs where they have kids singing popular songs and change all the inappropriate words so that you can save your therapy money for something else), and how much fun all the songs were from Alvin The Squeakquel, and how she could listen to all the music from The Princess & The Frog over and over agin, and, not to mention, how we comment all the time about how much we love to hear her sing along to the radio in the truck. Well, that and the fact that her Mommy and I are irrepressible music wh*res afficionados, it was really kinda an easy win for her.

So, we did a little digging and found the cutest little red iPod shuffle (those matchbook-size ones) on sale on the Apple website. No screen, no games, just music. Perfect size, perfect price. Done deal.

Both items arrived a few days ago. I just haven't had the energy or an evening without a pounding headache to get them going, nor have they really been on their best behavior to deserve a reward. But after their dinner adventure last night, and then Saia offering to make them both eggs in a nest this morning. Plus, they cleaned their room and made their beds and have been super generous with their hugs and kisses, and me being such a sucker for the XXXXs and the OOOOs, I couldn't possibly put then off another day.

One new Leapster game, 4 new movies, and 4 CDs of kids' music later (damn Target gets me every time), and then it was 3 hours of this, which is at least somewhat bearable compared to some of the other footage I shot, and yet still beyond creepy that they seem to start and stop on exactly the same words, even if the words are wrong.