Tuesday, August 23, 2005

B is for Bubble

Seriously can't believe how old they are. Sitting on the bed yesterday morning having their warm milk, Chago says out of the blue, "buh...buh...buh...B is for bubble." I turn around a little stunned by the sudden phonetic interest, and say, "That's right, son, and what about dog?" "duh...duh...duh...D is for dog," he says smiling. So now I'm getting all excited, of course, and press on, "And what about pig?" He pulls away from his sippy cup, beginning to look a little annoyed with me, and very casually says, "puh...puh...puh...P is for pig, Mama." Really just in awe of his sheer brilliance at this point, I just can't help but push a teensy bit farther, "So, cat starts with the letter C, right?" But now he looks up at me -- thoroughly frustrated -- gets up on all fours and crawls over to me so that I can really get what he's about to say: "No, Mom, sss...sss...sss..." he hisses at me glaringly, "C is for Saia. Kuh is for cat." [duh!]


sonia said...

"You do know that you can post your comments directly to the blog, right?"

Yes, I do. Happy now?

saia and chago said...

Yay, Tia Sonia!!! Welcome to the new millennium.

sonia said...

My iPod, PSP and cell phone all sniff at your millennium comment and collectively ask, What are we, chopped liver?

It's a just kind of a pain to comment because you first have to register and create a blog account which you have no intention of using even though all you wanted to do was say, Ah, how cute! or Your kids are WEIRD. I started trying to do it a long time ago and just gave up. Now you've goaded me into it.

Excuse me, I meant to say, an ENORMOUS pain. That means big.