Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Wonderful Idea

"I have a wonderful idea!" he says. And Mommy and I look at each other not exactly certain if we heard that correctly. "I have a wonderful idea for Mufasa!" he says again -- which is something he tends to do until he's acknowledged [not sure where he got that one from]. So, this time it was pretty clear. "Uh...okay, son, what's your wonderful idea for Mufasa [his little plastic lion named after the Lion King]?"

"I will catch all the cats and put them in a cage and put Nena in there with them and they can only come out if they are good and get a sticker," he says amazingly all in one breath.

And while, of course, we're absolutely floored by his brilliant little mind and how well he's able to articulate his thoughts and enunciate his consonants, we're both more than a little disturbed by the image of piling psychotherapy bills somewhere down the road when he begins to delve deeper and deeper into why he can't form meaningful relationships without some sort of discipline/reward system in place.

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