Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Last Friday was Mama's company picnic at the beach. The kiddos were prepped all week for it, and by Friday they didn't even want to take their nap, they were so excited. Once there, we could hardly keep them on the shore. Both of them ran towards the water immediately. They dug in the sand and collected crab carcasses and sea gull feathers (yes, we used lots and lots of hand sanitizer). They were soaked up to their chests and even refused their snack. They dug their toes down deep into the sand and drank more than their share of salt water. They saw pelicans and harbor seals. They strolled and sprinted and jumped. They sat down only long enough to inhale a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and were off again. But after much coaxing, we were finally able to get Chago to agree to go to the potty with Mommy. On their way back from the germ breeding port-a-potties, our poor exhuasted little boy was so thoroughly drenched and filled with sand that his shorts just fell in a clump to his ankles from the weight of it all. With the water in his sight and Mema inching her way just a little too close to his crab skeletons, he just stepped right out of them and kept on truckin'.

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