Friday, August 19, 2005

Tug, Tug, Tug of War

So, Saia's latest thing is ignoring us when we call her. All of us. Particularly when she's being summoned because she's in trouble. Wednesday night we had a huge blow out. I asked them both to climb into bed. She flat out ignored me. After negotiating with her for a good 10 minutes, she finally climbed in, but then wouldn't lay down. Another 5 minutes talking to the brick wall and then she wouldn't keep her covers on. A couple more minutes of reasoning and then I was done. "If you want the colcha back on, you're going to have to do it yourself, Saia. It's time for you to go to sleep now. No more talking please," and I turned out the light and closed the door. Not two minutes later she's screaming bloody murder. "What is it, Saia?" I ask knowing full well what this is about. "PUT MY COLCHA ON ME, MAMA!" "No, ma'm. I'd already asked you several times if you wanted it and you told me 'no'. I put it on you once and you kicked it off. Now if you want it, you'll have to do it yourself." "Please don't say no ma'm, Mama." "I'm sorry, Saia. Go to sleep." "NO, MAMA! [wild screaming ensues] "Saia," I say when I come back in for the 3rd time, "if Mama has to come back in once more to quiet you down, one of your babies is going in the garbage." "NO, MAMA!!! NOT MY BABIES!!!" [screaming for 15 minutes...alternating between 'put my colcha on' and ' don't take my babies']

Eventually, she loses a baby, covers herself, sleeps through the night, and earns a sticker the next day. But how am I going to do this for 16 more years?


Cousin Missy said...

I am so happy to see them growing and doing all the things little 2 year olds do! The getting out of bed (not the most exciting development!) and asking for every possible thing to avoid GOING to bed....just classic and wonderful! How smart and fun they both are is so evident - and JoAnna, if you are doing the posting you missed your calling - you should be an author! The blog is so descriptive and fun to read! Tell Saia and Chago that Missy and Chuck and Kasey and Chase miss them and love them very much. I do not have a blog, but I will try to be better about sending some pics every now and then. Chase is in football again and is also continuing with fall baseball until Oct. Kasey passed her French 3 test today so she gets to skip that class and go right into IB French 4. She is driving herself all over the place and I am going crazy with worry. School starts 9/7 and Chase is excited to be in his final year of elementary! He and Chuck have been fishing in some area ponds and lakes, and on Sunday (Chase wants everyone to know) he caught a 3 lb. bass! Chuck is in Nashville for a couple of days, then off again to Vegas right after Labor Day for work. I just sold another house (yippee!) and my inspection was this morning...been busy with that and hoping things stay busy through the new year, I really like the paychecks!! :) Chuck may be finally leaving his partners (i know i keep saying that, but eventually it WILL happen!) so he's busy trying to get a game plan together for the next phase of his career. Miss you all and love you tons...let us know how you are all doing, too (mema, mama, and mommy)! xxoo Missy P.S you didn't think my comment was going to be a SHORT one, did you??? :)

saia and chago said...

Dear Aunt Missy,
Of all the things you've most likely been called in your lifetime, we're almost certain "short-winded" has never been one of them. ;)

We love and miss you, too. Come visit soon!! XOXO to everyone - especially Skippy!