Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Have you seen this adorable award winning 30-minute French children's short film?

It's subtitled, but actually has very few words, and the kids were easily able to keep up.  Although, it really never even needed that much.

I did have to twist their arm to even get it from the library, though.  And then had to double twist it to get them to even agree to watch it.  And then I'm pretty sure there was an ear-pulling bonus in order to get them to actually sit down and watch it.

But from the minute the movie started, they. were. hooked.

And I knew they would be.  Because, of course, Mama is never wrong.

The cinematography was amazing. The use of, and lack of, color.  And the surprisingly moving story line. The ending, I thought, was just a little silly, but it was too sweet not to love just the same.

The monsters gave it an enthusiastic two thumbs up!!

And, evidently, you can just stream it from Amazon right now for $1.99, or even buy it for five bucks, which probably would've been a waaaaay smarter move for me, as I'm pretty certain we're at the very top of the Notoriously Late list at the local 'brary by now and those fees are NOT pretty.

 (This, by the way, is not a solicited or paid review, although, after re-reading it, it sure sounds that way, doesn't it?)

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