Monday, May 02, 2011


Another successful midnight stuffed animal surgery in our home, as the girl, aka Destructo, managed to rip a hole into the side of her brand new Easter Bunny less than a month after his arrival.  Of course, that was 29 days longer than expected, so there's always that. :)

But she claims he came to her that way, and I couldn't bear to get into a holy easter bunny discussion ( ;P ), soooooo, the brave and still quite shaken little thing took about 10 sutures, refusing any anesthetic, and is now happily eating his jello.

"Please tuck him into bed with me when you're done, Momma. He gets scared without me," she said.

And as I happily obliged, the only remaining evidence of the incident, whose details still remain a mystery (and really, as far as we're concerned, don't ask, don't tell), is the tell-tale sign of Mama's red-threaded heart lovingly (and clearly, a little sleepily) stitched into his back right paw.

The next morning, Chago says, "Look, Saia, Mama put her love mark on your bunny."

[heh. heh. no comment.]

We wish you well, Fluffy ol' boy. But I'm pretty sure we'll see ya back here soon.  She's kinda hard on her plastic-eyed peeps.  I'll save ya some thread.

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