Monday, October 10, 2005

Diary of a Worm - The Horror Story

Months ago I got this book for them (available in the sidebar) called "Diary of a Worm," which they absolutely LOVED. Had to read it ALL the time. They'd practically memorized it when we discovered that it came with a story-telling CD, which they loved even more, and they would listen to it for hours on end in the truck without making a sound. Honestly, it was a dream come true. Ah, those were the days.

One day, though, Saia decided that she was terrified -- TERRIFIED -- of this one part of the story where the spider tries to dig a hole like his friend the worm, but his legs get stuck. Now, he gets out of course, and all is well, but she's absolutely unconsolably horrified by this and we cannot listen to it anymore. But Chago loves the story and asks for it all the time. And so, every now and then, we'll try it again, but I don't so much as get the CD in the slot when she begins to scream bloody murder. And back into the case it goes.

Today, we tried again. But this time Chago told her, "When it gets to that part, Saia, you can just cover your ears." "Okay, Bubba," she said. And I just sat there. In awe. Again. What a great idea. So, I popped it in, it started to play, and all was going well until I realized that she wasn't eating her applesauce because she had her fingers in her ears. "Beauty, you need to finish your breakfast," I said. "Saia? Please eat." "I can't, Mama, because I have my fingers in my ears." "But Saia..." "No, Mama, it's coming!" And no amount of my promising that I would fast forward through it or that I would turn the volume down or that she wouldn't be able to hear it if she kept her fingers in there could prevent the utter meltdown that ensued. It was coming and she was squealing like a stuck pig, and she absolutely would not stop until she was certain that it was off, out of the CD player, and back in its case.

And yes, we've talked about how the spider is alright, and how he's just trying to do what the worm does, and how he doesn't actually get stuck permanently, but I think the whole idea of him not being able to move really does just freak the hell out of her. And honestly, I can't blame her. There are days when I have to scramble to get my shoes off in my office in the middle of the day just because my poor little toes begin to feel way too claustrophobic and I'm very nearly on the verge of flipping out...

Hmmm...wonder if this could be inherited.

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