Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Jellybean for Chago

Actually, I guess the title should be "NO Jellybean for Chago" because our little man has apparently become the bully in his class, and spends his days tormenting the smaller children, sitting in timeout, and then trying to justify his behavior later to me by saying, "Mama, I didn't hit her, I just patted her" or "Mama, I didn't push him, I just moved him over."

And this is what happens when you give the negotiator the tools to do his job well.

So, Jan, the Associate Director walked in on him throwing his food on the floor. He was reprimanded and asked to clean it up, and then she reminded him he would not be getting a jellybean at the end of the day because of this infraction.

When I picked him up yesterday, Jan was gone. Luckily, his teacher was still there to fill me in or I wouldn't have been the wiser as to why on our way out Chago was saying, "Let's see if Ms. Betty [the Director] is there today, so I can ask her for a jellybean."

And no, he didn't get one after all.

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