Monday, October 31, 2005


I know, I know, and I'm sure one day I'll consider myself lucky that these two wild and crazy kids decided that they wanted to wear their SAME EXACT costumes that they wore LAST YEAR!!!

Who does that??? Have I taught them nothing of fashion faux pas???

But, okay, so we reeeaaaallllyyy did get our $20 worth out of these suits, though, that's for sure. I mean, okay, so maybe they walked around with wedgies all night long because their costumes were two sizes too small. And, alright, so they couldn't really hear anyone or anything because their hoods were so snug around their little heads. And,yeah, I guess technically they could just barely breathe once the whole thing was zipped up to their necks...

But they still looked so damn cute! (and ultimately, that's all that really matters, isn't it?)

And then the kicker of the evening was that once we brought all their goodies home from school and added to them all the goodies they collected from trick-or-treating in the village, and then poured it out onto the kitchen table for Mama to sort through what was really a "goodie" (as opposed to a "baddie"), they only ended up with a bag of goldfish, some fruit snacks, a couple of granola bars, and a sheet of stickers a piece.

And don't you "Awwww, pobrecitos" me. Just like it was with their sugarfree, yogurt covered birthday cake, as long as they don't know what they're missing, they're happy as little clueless clams, and it is the entire focus of my life right now to ensure that they remain that way until the day they snatch that control right out of my grubby little hands as they gleefully shove handfulls of pan de polvo and jelly beans and cupcakes into their sassy little mouths as they decide to start calling me by my first name and tell me to drop them off 3 blocks away from school so that I won't embarrass them in front of their too cool friends!!!

But until then, dammit, I'm the Mama, and that's all there is to it. :P

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