Thursday, May 25, 2006


I'm SURE it's an age thing, right? I mean, they're just trying to assert their independence, right? Test their boundaries? Develop their own identities? Right? RIGHT? RIGHT!?!?!?!?


I just don't know how many more "NO!" and "I DON'T CARE!" and "I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU ANYMORE!" and "I ALREADY DID THAT, MAMA!" and "NO, I DIDN'T!" and "BUT...BUT...BUT..."s I can take.

And yes, I know all of you been-there-done-thats are chuckling quietly (or maybe not so quietly) because, after all, they're only 3 and I've got, what, at least 15 more years of this to look forward to?

But I just wasn't prepared for it to start this early. When it reached the point where I'd say, "DO YOU WANT TO GO INTO TIMEOUT?!?!?" and they began to answer "yes," I knew I was in trouble. But now they've taken to smirking at one another and even outirght making each other laugh WHILE we're in the middle of getting after them for something. THAT!!!! THAT!!!!! THAT IS DRIVING ME ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!!!!

And yet, as I'm writing this, I'm suddenly realizing that removing them from the situation (i.e., AWAY from the other) would probably help ease some of my escalating frustration and may even allow me to regain (dare I even whisper it) some control.

[breathe. breathe.]

The skies open, the clouds part, the light shines down...

Those little turds have been ganging up on me, haven't they?


MEMA said...

They are working you mamma and it's only just begun.

Big Mama said...

Sounds like you are hanging in there though.... I used to make mine sit on their hands while they were in seperate time outs in corners where they couldn't see each other. Having two makes it twice as "fun" huh? Deep breathing is a wonderful thing...

Sonya said...


saia and chago said...

Yeah! Y'all are laughing now. But just wait til I have to dial 911 with my nose 'cause they've got me tied to the kitchen table with kite string, covered in honey, and all set to open up their bug house!!!

BTW, great idea with the sitting on the hands in opposite corners, Big Mama. Definitely adding that to my mental rolodex.

Jo Anna