Friday, May 19, 2006


Alright. Now, I'm the last person in the world to feel compassion for a skanky &$*%# like Britney Spears (and I'm certainly not backing off my general feeling that someone might really want to think long and hard about voluntary sterilization -- I'm just saying), but even I can't help but feel bad for the girl at this point.

She's on the front page of all the tabs AGAIN -- this time being photographed nearly dropping her 8-month old son as she trips over her own pant legs.

This is her fourth doucmented "parenting incident" this year, and now the play-by-play coverage is just really beginning to verge on the absurd.

WHAT NOT TO DO - by Britney Spears

#1 - Lap Baby

#2 - Carseat

#3 - Highchair

#4 - Trippin'
Now, don't get me wrong, for two of the four "incidents" (i.e., driving with her baby in her LAP!!!, and driving with her baby in his carseat facing the wrong way!!!) she really should have gotten her a little more than just a hand slap. I mean, what message are we trying to send here? Unfortunately for our doomed tweens and the future of America, she IS a role model.

But beyond that, she's a new parent. Her every step is being scrutinized and criticized by the entire world. She's still high (or low) on the hormone roller coaster. And (presumably), like most parents, she's just trying to figure out how raise this child better than SHE was raised -- which, by all accounts, really doesn't take a rocket scientist to discern -- but let's not completely forget of whom we are speaking.

So, maybe my empathy bone is protruding a little too far out today, but man, I really do think the media needs to just give the poor girl a break. Yes, somebody sign her up for parenting classes -- TODAY!!! And hell yes, somebody have DFS give her a warning. But her baby falling out of his highchair...and her tripping over her own pant legs. I mean, come on! When Saia was a baby, she rolled off the sofa and busted her lip wide open. There was blood everywhere and we cried for a week. And Santiago's shins were battered blue before we realized that the baby swing was too close to the coffee table. And I just knew that the next knock on the door was child protective services coming to take him away. And that was just in the first two months they were home.

A new parent's confidence level is never lower than in that first year. And I can't even begin to imagine what it must feel like to hear and read about what a terrible mother you are everywhere you turn. I mean, chances are pretty high that she'll never be Carol Brady, I know, but let's not inadvertently turn her into Mommy Dearest either.

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me and my partner are aries and leo too, we always wish to have twin babies like urs...
sweet,sweet family!