Monday, December 15, 2008

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (or is it?)

"Will there be anything else, Ma'm?" the cheery checker at Michael's says as I stack another 4 strands of prelit garland on the counter.

"No, thanks," I mutter, "that should do it for now."

And then Saia (aka, the voice of Amy when Amy's not around) chimes in with "MAMA!"

"What, baby?" I say a little startled by her tone.

"What are you doing? You already have a lot of garland at home."

"Oh, I know, honey, but really, you can never have too much prelit garland," I chuckle as the cashier prints out my 4-foot-long receipt.

"But where are you going to put it, Mom?" she prods.

"Oh...I'm not sure yet, baby," I stammer.

"Well, then, you don't need it."


amazonfm said...

Looking like you, but obviously not just like you? lol

saia and chago said...

So says my partner, as well!! LOL