Thursday, December 04, 2008

Reading in IMAX

Listening to Chago read his word list at the end of his school book last night:


When he gets to the exact middle of the page (the words are laid out like a 10 x 10 table ), he gets to the word "if" and stops.

"What's wrong, Bubba? You know that word," I prompt.

He stares and stares, tilting his head a little to the left, and then turns to me and says, "but this word looks strange."

"Strange how?" I ask.

"It looks like it's popping right off of the page," he says.

And when I look closer, and squat down a little, and tilt my head a little to the left, I can kind of see what he's saying.  It's the smallest word in the list, so it's got the most white space surrounding it, which makes it almost appear 3D.  It was actually kind of cool.

And I just envy his ability to see the world like that all the time.

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