Friday, December 05, 2008


Big day today all the way around.

Saia's FINALLY got a loose front tooth.  She's been asking for a year, for crissakes!  Even her little friends at preschool were losing teeth left and right.  And now her kindergarten friends are practically all gummy bears.  But knowing this girl's stubborn streak, it'll probably take her just as long for it to finally come out.  Probably just as well anyway because with inflation being what it is, I'll definitely need a job to support this next milestone.

Chago FINALLY agreed to try the drop-off at school.  It's essentially a safety service provided by volunteer parents who stand out front and help get your kids out of the vehicle and escort them onto the playground to help reduce the parking lot congestion and the consequential near accidents with parents and kids running across the parking lot to beat the morning bell.  It's particularly useful on rainy days or on days we're running especially late.

Anyway...Saia's been wanting to try it out since Day 1.  And she works on him every single day on the way to school.  "Come on, Bubba, you can do it," she'll say.  And he'll toss it around for 20 minutes or so and then back out at the last minute, and she's just crushed every time.  For her, it's a symbol of growing up.  All the big kids go through the drop-off.  Only the little little kids have their parents walking them onto the playground.  For him, it's his worst nightmare: A total stranger reaching into the vehicle and taking him from his mother.

But whether she just finally wore him down (an inherited trait, Amy says), or he was in a particularly good mood because he got to wear his Santa hat to school today, he agreed.  And when the volunteer parent opened his door (because he's closest to the curb), and I thought for certain that he was gonna back out again, and then he unbuckled himself and stood up and kissed me on the cheek and said "Bye, Mom!", I think my heart just about broke.

I don't really think I'm ready for this.  I want my babies back.

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