Monday, December 01, 2008

His Story

I know I've posted about this before, and will have to check the archives to confirm, but...

Was singing Rudolph to Chago last night (yes, I know, it was technically still November, but I guess I'm just as excited as they are for the season to begin so I'm just a big softie about these things) and we got to the end of the song - "you'll go down in hiiiisssttttoooory" when Chago says, "Who's story, Mom? Rudolph's?"

"What story, Bubba?"

"HIS!" he says. "Do they mean Rudolph?"

"Oh, no, Papa," I explain. "It's history not HIS story."

"Well then, what's history?" he asks, "because all my life I thought it was HIS story."

"Well, it's all the things that have happened in the past," I begin.

"So," he glances sideways at me with that now familiar look of condescension on his face, "how is that different?"

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