Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Well, we always knew he was hard-headed

So, I'm making dinner last night. Amy's watching football. Saia and Chago are wrestling (again!) in the hallway when we hear a huge THUD!  Followed immediately by a piercing screech.  And then a very calm Saia saying, "Mom, Chago's hurt."  (Just amazing when they decide it's time to exaggerate and when to understate.)

But yes, he was hurt. Slammed his head into the corner of the bannister -- just like she did this past summer.  And he ended up with a cut that looked almost exactly like hers, just north by about 3 inches.  I mean, I know they're twins, but come on!

So, we frozen-corned him for 30 minutes on and off.  He stopped crying almost immediately, which surprised us all, but then the second he happened to swipe his hand across his hair and saw the blood on his fingers he burst into fresh squeals and screams.  But we got him all cleaned up and he hardly even had a bump.  The cut was more of a slice than a deep wound.  So, we liquid bandaged him and monitored him for the next 2 hours.  No headaches.  No throbbing.  And he seemed to sleep well, except for a really dreadful dream about his sister -- which, I guess, is to be expected.

And today, he's all back to normal.  His biggest fear, it seems, was whether I was going to have to cut his hair.  (Which I didn't.)


amazonfm said...

Not the hair!! Poor Santiago, nothing like a head wound to produce loads of blood.

saia and chago said...

Ugh! Don't I know it. But all is well. Wound is healing perfectly. He now claims to be part Wolverine because of his supernatural healing powers! And, yes, we were able to save every little strand of hair. :)

amazonfm said...

Wolverine, I like his reasoning! Now all he needs is that Hugh Jackman/Wolverine 'do!'