Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Gift That Keeps on Clucking

Out braving the mall today to get pics with Santa and pick up a few gifts when we asked the kids what they wanted to get their Mema since she's going to be able to spend the holidays with us again this year (yay!). Saia, of course, knew right away. She's very observant, that one. She's gonna be one of those great gift givers. It was just a matter of finding the right one (and no, can't tell you since Mema frequents the blog, too, but, yes, she found exactly what she was looking for).

Chago took a little longer to think about it. "Let me try to picture Mema in my head," he said. And he closed his eyes, trying to remember what Mema liked. What she wore. What she ate. Which inevitably led him to decide that he wanted to get her a rottisiere chicken from Safeway.


amazonfm said...

Can he come to my house for Christmas with the chook if his Mema doesn't like it? Can't think of a better Christmas present!

saia and chago said...

:D You'll be hard-pressed to wrestle that away from Mema!!