Wednesday, February 25, 2009



but i love that i can say that from the comfort of my kitchen in the middle of a wednesday afternoon.


And lately I've taken to collecting things.  Not like the crazy old lady with all the cats down the street.  (Not yet.)  But projects, actually.  Anything to make'  

So, right now I'm currently helping get a non-profit up and running, helping with the kids' school yearbook, volunteering in their classroom, designing forms and elearning for anyone with even the notion of a process in their head, proofreading a friends' first novel, re-editing my own half-ass attempt at a half-written three-part tell-all article about the real consequences of a DUI, and, oh, yeah, still writing that amazing story that's, you know, sorta based loosely on my life...well, okay, maybe on the life I imagined I had, coming up with new and exciting Sunday dinner and desserts, wondering why I can't seem to find anyone who'll pay me just for being me, adding 3 more tasks to my 456th To-Do List since November 3rd of last year which aren't even mentioned in this post, trying to get through the first chapter of Michael Crichton's NEXT because, I don't why, fighting with admissions officers about getting myself re-enrolled in that damn MBA program, still trying to get through the first ten minutes of the last Indiana Jones movie without falling asleep, and let's not forget that I'm now officially on my last week of the No Plot, No Problem project during which I'm somehow to supposed to now magically churn out 45, 698 words before Sunday because I only managed to eek out 4,302 over the last FOUR WEEKS!!!

Hey, at least I didn't go inseminate myself with 8 eggs.

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