Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Okay, I can't take it anymore.

I HAVE to say something about this woman, this excessive obsessive breeder on welfare. Because I just can't decide anymore if she's a complete imbecile or an evil genius. I mean, it goes beyond the what-kind-of-woman-would-take-that-kind-of-risk debate. And has moved right into the how-can-she-use-my-taxpayer-dollars-to-fund-her-15-minutes-of-fame?!?!

And this is not at all about women choosing to have large families on small incomes or even about women choosing to sustain high-risk pregnancies.

This is about the freakshow that has become of Nadya Suleman. It just seems like it's one thing after another in a series of outrageous factoids with this woman:

1) First, we heard she's a single mother -- the community compassion swelled
2) Then, that she's already got 6 at home -- her own mother labels her as obsessed with having children
3) Then, that all 6 at home are all under the age of 8!!!
3) She's unemployed -- and whatever alternative source of income she had, she spent on in vitro services
4) The alternative sources of income turned out to be the fruits of a lawsuit and disability checks
5) 3 of her 6 children at home are disabled and receiving federal assistance
6) She flat out lied that she was not receiving federal assistance
7) She's supposedly going to school, although that's not been confirmed, and expects to suddenly be able to care for her 14 children once she receives her degree in, what, social work -- is she serious???
8) The donor is alive and well and choosing not to be involved -- and she's okay with that
9) She used the same doctor for in vitro procedures for all 14 of her children
10) The fake father's name on the children's birth certificates is an anglicized version of her own father's name
11) And now they're saying she's had work done to be like Angelina Jolie -- WTF??? Maybe she should've been more like Angelina and sold the first pics of her octet for a couple mil to help the orphaned children of New Orleans.

But the list truly does goes on and on. Every day a new tidbit is released or discovered. And when she hired a publicist first thing I actually thought, now there's a smart woman. Let the press be handled by the pros. You just stay behind the scenes. But after that first statement released by her publicists when she was still in the hospital, we haven't heard hide nor hair from them. And you know they're just chomping at the bit, pulling out their own hair everytime she opens her mouth. They're all about spin control. But baby, this woman has done spun out of control.

And the only saving grace, the only really good thing I can see about any of this is that at the very very least all of these children, including the 6 which may have flown under the radar previously, will now be watched like a hawk by the vulturous media, so the chances of them growing up healthier and in a safer environment (albeit in the not always gentle limelight) than they might have prior to the circus coming to town is pretty high. And thank the gods for that one.

But the worst part about this is that as soon as Oprah and Fox and MTV and VH1 and TLC start the bidding wars for the rights to her story/reality show, we've once again validated her fucked up rationalization and condoned her behavior (and the reprehensible behavior of her fertility specialist) as a society.

Meanwhile, you'll also notice how the right-to-lifers are conveniently quiet about all of this. Why aren't they coming to her aid? Isn't she their poster child? Or maybe the fact that there's no father in the picture automatically disqualifies her from their "protection"?

Speaking of, and then I'm done bitching about this, somebody needs to tell that delusional woman that no matter how many times she uses the word "unconventional" in an interview, it doesn't legitimize her selfish decisions or rationalize her horrendous judgment. She's not unconventional at all. In fact, she's conventionally greedy and the epitome of child exploitation.

Ok, toxins all out. Your turn to purge. Trust me, you'll feel better.