Friday, February 27, 2009


It's been a tough haul these last couple of weeks.  Something's just not clicking between Saia and I.  We're constantly on opposite ends of the spectrum, and never ever ever on the same page anymore.  And she's only 5.  What am I gonna do when she's a tween?

But luckily, like -- hands on my knees thanking every saint and god I've ever read or heard about kind of lucky, everyone seems to be in a better place today.  Or at least for the duration of time that it takes me to post this entry.

So, with blue cards all around today and their outstanding performance with the Pennies for Patients project, they received their very own Barnes & Noble giftcards today, and off we went.

Two-and-a-half hours later...

He'd finally read every book on the two lower shelves and she'd managed to take us on two separate trips to the potty. 

Thankfully, they also decided on the following:

And yes, I even managed to pick up The Watchmen for Amy and Caramelo (in Spanish) for myself.

Smile, sigh.

Now just need to go straight to sleep immediately before someone goes and ruins my whole damn day.

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Don't Lick The Ferrets! said...

I could LIVE in a bookstore and be completely happy!