Thursday, February 26, 2009

STONE COLD TONE DEAF, BUT THEY'RE ALL OURS (you may now breathe a collective sigh of relief)

Oh, God forgive me, how I detest this song. Like, skin crawling, body cringing kind of loathing. No, seriously.

But the kids learned it at school and have taken, oh lucky lucky me, to singing it on an endless loop for the past couple of days until I ingeniously hinted that we should record them so that we would always have it and, therefore, obviate the need to, you know, keep torturing me with the live version.

Once they watched it, being the children of narcissistic fire signs that they are, they thought they were just so fabulous that they insisted we send it to their Uncle Trevor in Iraq. But then, that would've deprived YOU of partaking of my joy, so, we're sending it cyberly to meet everyone's needs.

This one's for you, Trev. We love you. *muah*


Don't Lick The Ferrets! said...

OMG, how frickin' cute is that??? Tone deaf or not, your kids ROCK! I love it!


Thanks, DLTF. This is actually what triggered our attempt at the vlog. Hope that goes over just as well. :)