Sunday, February 15, 2009


Rain, rain, and more rain.

Stayed home all day on Sunday, to the sheer joy and pleasure of our little can-we-stay-in-our-PJs-all-day-mom monsters. Mommy made popcorn and we watched The Waterhorse. Again.

At one point, the Captain of the military was ordering his soldiers to "fire at will" upon what they believed to be an invading German submarine in the Loch.

"But why do they want to shoot at Will, Mom?" [I know, I know, it's like a neverending series of bad puns with these two.]

Played a round of Operation.  Saia won.  Again.

And then it was dinner time. On the menu last night:
Slow-roasted Pork with homemade onion gravy
Rosemary and Olive Oil Fingerling Potatoes
Buttered Brussel Sprouts
and Flan with Carmelized Walnuts for dessert
Read books before bedtime, and Saia even had time to write in her diary (which she hides nightly in a new location).

All in all, a very Leave it to Beaver kind of day.

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