Thursday, February 12, 2009


Another Terrible Mom moment brought to you by the makers of Doesn't This Ever Get Any Easier, and sponsored by the How Much Have We Already Put Into This Damn School company.


"Do you have any cash on you, babe?"

"No, I'm tapped out," Amy replies as she's heading out the door. "Why?"

"Today's their Valentine's party at school and they'll want to send Valentine Grams to each other, and it's Thursday so ice cream day again, and then they need to buy those mystery bags for the Open House tonight, AND we still owe them for all their blue cards this week."

"You won't have time to stop on the way in?" she asks.

"No, not today. We won't make it on time, and Chago will NEVER let me hear the end of it if we're late again."

"Okay," she laughs, "let me see what I can find."

So, I get my things together and head down to the garage. Amy's got the kids loaded up and all their valentines perched neatly on the front seat ready to go.

As she leans in to kiss me goodbye, she slips 10 bucks discreetly into the palm of my hand like I'm a bellhop in Vegas.

"It's from Saia's piggy bank," she whispers. "That girl's got some cash in there!"

"Ugh," I look at my watch. "We'll just have to pay her back later."

"Again," we both mutter under our breaths.

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Don't Lick The Ferrets! said...

Don't fret, we all do it now and then! I aways slip a little extra back. You know, out of guilt.