Thursday, November 12, 2009


CHAGO'S LETTER (click to enlarge):

For Veteran's Day, the kids decided they wanted to write a letter to a soldier to tell them how much they appreciated them.

This was, surprisingly, not a difficult moment for me at all, although I am and always have been VERY anti-war and have tried to be pretty diligent about not allowing our kids to play with guns or any games that simulate fighting with weapons -- although, yes, they've got a Mommy who happens to love all things GI Joe, and we've got a son who has an almost freakish obsession with swords, a daughter who wiped the floor with two separate yellow belts during last night's practice for the intramural tournament, and a Mama who not only grew up in South Texas, for crissakes, but may also have a teensy tiny little bit of a competitive streak.

But we also both come from families of soldiers. And I fully credit my Grandfather's moving his family all over the country for my gypsy soul. And, therefore, I support, without a moment's pause, every single man and woman who have taken on the massive weight of responsibility of protecting our country.

**Okay, politics gone and done.***

So, without giving them much direction (except for asking them to maybe think about perhaps rewriting that part about "I hope you don't die"), this is what they came up with. Click on the images of the individual letters to enlarge.

SAIA'S LETTER (click to enlarge):

[Oh, just TRY to tell me it doesn't have that moment right there in the middle that reminds you of the dog in the movie UP who, in the midst of a normal conversation, suddenly stops and turns and says "SQUIRREL!!"]

Anyway, I found a place online called Letters From Home,who will take the letters your kids send to them and include them as part of their care packages that they prepare regularly for the military.

We sent our letters to:

Letters From Home Program
6631 Ridgway JBG Road - PO Box 125
Johnsonburg PA 15845

***Remember not to include any personal information, such as last names or addresses, in either your letter or on the envelope.

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