Friday, November 06, 2009


Totally not compensated in any way for this review, but we had so much fun tonight that I just had to share.

So, this game, Would You Rather? or You've Got To Be Kidding! (not sure which is the actual title) is a hilarious little game with very simple rules that takes less than an hour to get through, and doesn't really require a Mama intervention when (not if) their competitive streak overtakes them.

Provides really interesting insights into your kids' thought processes because it requires not only that they choose between two utterly absurd situations, but then have to provide their rationale for doing so. And it only really has to make sense to them.

For instance, when forced to choose between getting stuck in an elevator with either a pack of excited wet dogs or three large sweaty men with very bad breath, Chago chose the latter because the thought of being wet and stinky made him visibly gag.

Saia, on the other hand, chose the dogs because, you know, being stuck in an elevator, she might have to pee, and couldn't very well do that in front of three men.

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That's really a cute game! I've never heard of it before.