Saturday, November 14, 2009


They really impressed us today.

First of all, they were the only white belts that even showed up for the intramural competition. Well, except for the one girl...who was twice Saia's size...and double her height...and who ultimately knocked Saia out of the finals...but I'm not bitter. And I'm NOT one of those pageant moms.


Anyway, they just didn't even appear to be nervous at all. They were calm and cool and collected (well, as much as 6-year-olds can be). And they seemed to be really enjoying the whole hub-bub of it all.

They competed in both individual reverse-punch and group reverse-punch events, and performed better than we've ever seen. They were controlled, and attentive, and engaged, and professional.

And although they both ultimately missed placing in the top three of the tournament by one point, they were really great sports about the whole thing.

Saia did seem a little choked up after she got knocked out, but she talked it out, and asked questions, and didn't cry or throw a fit like we saw so many other kids do.

Chago was easily appeased with the shiny objects on the red-white-and-blue lanyards (typically referred to as medals) that everyone received for just competing (a concept both Amy and I still have a little trouble swallowing, but understand, in general, the idea of wanting everyone to feel like winners, so we choked that one down -- for now).

But all in all, everyone walked away happy. They felt so good about themselves, and fully understood that they had just competed (and held their own) against kids who'd been in karate for much longer, and had more experience, than they did.

We were beaming and oozing with pride. But, more importantly, they were so proud of themselves.

Here's the SLIDESHOW of the whole event.

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