Thursday, November 26, 2009


Remembering so much today. So many people we've lost. So many things to be grateful for.

So, here's a couple of then and now shots:

Chago and Saia at 8 months, and then at 80 months:

And here's what our feast looked like before:

And after:

Click here for the whole Turkey Day SLIDESHOW

Hope you all had a great one, surrounded by people you love, safe and warm, and forever thankful.


Anonymous said...

I would like very much to be invited to your house one Thanksgiving, that looked absolutely mouth watering.

Lizzy said...

Forever thankful.
P.S. How mean of you to post such great food in your pictures. So it made me want a turkey leg the way the kids were chowing down on them, but since I didn't have Thanksgiving at my place, I could not get my hands on a turkey leg. Now I have to wait until Thanksgiving next year (or go to the Texas state fair one month prior to turkey day). Geez. Thanks a lot, Jo Anna ;-)