Sunday, November 15, 2009


Mommy and her little mini-me's, all dressed up in their Colts gear and raring to go.

Of course, they first had to sit through my 'Boys gettin' their tushies whooped...for four whole quarters, but then they were ready to go.

Well, then they had to push through 6 pages of homework and a 20-minute book, but then, then they were raring to go.

Oh, yeah, then they had to drag their laundry baskets upstairs (or bat their eyelashes and convince their Mommy to lug it), and put away all their clean clothes, and then they were all ready to go.

But by then, of course, there was dinner...and seconds...and dessert. And then, then they were finally really ready to go.

But lest you think it all fun and games, let me assure you that watching any sporting event with twin six-year olds is not nearly as calm, cool, and collected as it may sound. No, really.

They inevitably forget every single prior discussion and explanation, and we have to start all over with Football 101 right at kick-off. "Where's Peyton, Mommy?," "Is that him?" "Is THAT him?" "Is that HIM?" and "Why are they wearing blue, Mommy?" and "What are they even trying to do?" and "Why are they mad at that man, Mama?" and "Why don't they just catch the ball?" (that one may have been during the Cowboys' game, actually).

And it's exhausting, really. Between the constant barrage of questions, random kamikaze love hugs (I don't know, it's his newest thing -- suddenly breaking into a full steam run and slamming into you full force just to give you a hug and tell you he loves you -- and yes, I do realize there's some sort of comparative analogy to the way his Mommy loves, but we'll save that for another post, okay? ), and then there's Amy's random screams at the big-ass TV, which you think we'd be used to after all these years, but she scares the shit out of us every single time.

Anyway, thank the football gods that Peyton is such a stud. Mommy loves Peyton for his brains. The kids love Peyton because Mommy does. And I love Peyton 'cause he's just a good ol' country boy that makes damn good fun of himself (here's one of his SNL skits):

Very proud to say that this is my first (and hopefully last) football post, but hey, my family is happy (and finally, after that phenomenal win, calm) tonight, and that's totally worth a couple of shot nerves and a blown ear drum, as far as I'm concerned.


Lizzy said...

probably your best blog post ever. Sports related, yeah baby!

amazonfm said...

A game where the foot and the ball never make contact is a misnomer, but hey.

rakeback said...

I would take Brady over Manning for many reasons, but this year and Brett Favre is the MVP. No one in the history of the NFL has had a higher touchdown to interception ratio in a season than Favre currently has.