Thursday, April 29, 2010


Ok, so from week to week their tastes seem to change these days. And that's no exaggeration. Food I tried to get them to eat last week, and had to, literally, end up chopping into unidentifiable pieces so that they could be stuffed into sauces and gravies and pasta shells, they're now scrambling for and can't seem to get enough of.

And staples that have been on our shopping list for months have suddenly fallen out of favor with the fickle duo, and they turn up their noses and make those lovely gagging sounds at the mere mention of the thing.

As a result, I've got like 5 different peanut butter brands in my cabinet at this very moment because Friday is their usual PB&J bag lunch.

The jellies, thankfully, have remained a little more consistent. We moved from Apple Butter to Grape, but have stuck with low-sugar strawberry for a good year now, if not longer.

So, in my effort to deplete our peanut butter supply, and also to recalibrate their tastes, we conducted an unofficial peanut butter taste test between Jif, Peter Pan, and Project Open Hand.

And here [drumroll, please] are the official results:

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