Tuesday, April 06, 2010


This was an easy win. Had a lazy breakfast...in our jammies, no less (this is a little unusual in our house).

Let them pick out their own outfits. Yes, really. See how I have no control issues? See? See? See?!?!

Loaded up our picnic basket with all sorts of snacks (Babybel cheeses, graham crackers, fruit roll-ups, popcorn, pretzels, fig newtons, etc), apple juices, waters, fresh fruit, dried cranberries and blueberries, and the yummiest turkey and cheese sandwiches, if I do say so myself.

Double-checked the first-aid and earthquake kits. Sent everyone to the potty. Again. Dug out the sunblock. And locked up the dogs.

Loaded up the scooters, the kites, the picnic mat, the book I'm reviewing, my camera bag, my oversized handbag (filled to the brim with wipies and tissues and crayons and sugarfree gum and a magnetic chess set and a thumbdrive and AA batteries and tampons and my make-up and wallet and sunglasses).

Grabbed my FLIP, my iPhone, my favorite moleskin notepad (yes, it's an actual paper and pen sorta thing -- I know, I know, my tekkie friends would send me a worm if they knew, SHHH!) and, of course, my venti chai.

Closed up shop, loaded everyone in the truck, and drove all the way down to the park...

...4 blocks away.

Yeah. That's right. Shut up.

But it was such a go-hor-geous day! And it only took all of which (and at least 12 other videos that I will NOT be showing), to finally get the kites up and flying. Yay! Great job, kiddos!!! So proud that you stuck with it. :)

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