Sunday, April 18, 2010


Our first really gorgeous day of the year, a sure sign that summer's right around the corner in Cali. The PGA had a local golf tourney that Mommy was able to score some free tickets to, so off we went (just look at them all in their brand new Nikes).

The course was beautiful...but really really really...really hilly. There were these awesome sweeping views of the bay and the city and all three of the bridges, but it was, literally, aaaaaaaacres from one hole to the next. And once we (and by we, I mean me) decided oh, wouldn't it be fun to just walk the front nine before lunch, we realized by hole 3 that there was no downhill, no riding in carts, no turning back, no shortcuts, no food and drink along the way, and, as if that weren't enough, everyone had to be uber silent or the crazy people with the giant "QUIET" signs might come out from behind their oversized staff badges and strangle us with their lanyards.

It was, after that, just sheer TORTURE for the kids. It didn't matter how many lizards, or hawks, or butterflies, or swallows we saw. They were D-O-N-E, DONE.

Aaaaaaand we still had, like, 6 holes to go.

Then somewhere around hole 4, everyone, all at once, decides they have to go potty. But the potties are still two holes away. Of course. Uphill. Of course. Against the wind. Wouldn'tyaknow? And in the hot sun.

But, lucky for you, we made it with no accidents, and oh-so-gratefully finished the front 9 without even a glance back as we bee-lined for the lemonade and beer stands. Settled under a giant expo tent with our box lunches and cool drinks, the kids finally found a reason to be there. And it was as if the entire morning never even happened. Tia Sonia's gonna be so proud to see the monsters have discovered Bocce Ball:

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