Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Are You Happy?

Took the kids to their school yesterday morning for a trial visit. Brought them back to my work to have lunch in our cafeteria. Chago was being a little ornery, as usual, as it was eeking close to nap time -- i.e., not eating all his food, playing with his fruit, dropping his napkin, etc. Then at one point he looks up and sees my face and asks, "Mama, are you happy?" "No, son," I replied, "Mama's not very happy that you're not eating all your lunch like a big boy." "If I take a bite, will you be happy?" "Yes, bubba, that would make Mama very happy." [he does - and grins] "Mama, are you happy now?" "Yes, son," I smile back, "I'm happy now." "Mama?" "What is it, Chago?" "If I drop my fork on the floor will you be sad?" He asks as he dangles his fork off the table. "Yes, Santiago, I will be very sad." "But then if I take a bite of food, you will be happy again?" "Well, yes, son, I will, but..." So, he drops his fork on the floor, takes a big bite of his pizza, and smiles from ear to ear.

Feeling a little schizophrenic at this point, I pack everything up to go, send them home, and head back to my office.

Chago - 1, Mama - 0

Happy Birthday, Tia Veronica!

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