Thursday, September 15, 2005


Dressing for their second school visit this morning, I've got Chago in a long-sleeve pullover and am sliding his arms through a short-sleeved button down, when he asks me why he's wearing two shirts? "Well, baby," I reply, "it's a little chilly today, so Mama's going to dress you in layers, okay?" And now his wheels begin churning.

"I go to school in layers?" he asks a little unsteadily.
"Yes, son."
"I sit down in layers?" [now he's just working me]
"Yes, son."
And then here it comes..."I lay down in layers?" he asks [grinning that sheep-eating grin].

And why this stuff still catches me so totally off guard is beyond me, but I could literally do no more than just sit there staring at him, amazed at his little brain and wondering how soon it would be before he began to really make me feel like I left school just a little too soon.

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