Wednesday, September 21, 2005


On our commute in to school/work this morning, we were coming across the bridge and talking about what a cloudy day it was and how that affects the appearance of the water because the water reflects the sky like a mirror. But the kids were very distracted by the fact that the moon, which had "followed" us to school every day since Monday, wasn't following us today.

"Where is the moon, Mama?" Chago asks. "Well, baby, it's hiding behind the clouds this morning," I reply. "Where is the sun, Mama?" asks Saia. "It's also hiding behind the clouds, hon," I confirm. "With the moon?" wonders Chago aloud. "Yes, Bubba, that's exactly right," I say. "They're playing hiding seek?" he continues. "Well, yes, baby, I guess they are," I answer with a smile. "They are brother and sister," he asserts. "Well, yes, I suppose they could be," I realize. "Like Saia and Chago," affirms Saia. "Yes, Ma'm, that's right," I say. "The moon is the brother and the sun is the sister," says Chago. "No!" interjects Saia, "the sun is the brother and the moon is the sister." "NO!..."

[...argument continues for next 10 minutes or so becoming increasingly LOUDER and LOUDER and causing them to jab their spoons -- they were eating homemde applesauce -- across the aisle at each other like swords in an effort to get the other one to just concede -- which never EVER happens...]

"So," I butt in,"is there a mama?" "YES!" Chago yells, "It's the water!" "NO!" screams Saia, "it's the clouds!" "Oh, okay then, and what color are the water and the clouds today?" I ask with fingers crossed. "GRAY!" they both yell. "And why?" I ask. "Because of the reflection," says Chago.

And we're back.

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