Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sometimes a Jalapeno
Is Just a Jalapeno

I can hardly believe we're already visiting pre-preschools for these two. But there we were, bright and early this morning, touring a local facility. Saia appeared to take it all in stride, which we expected. She's pretty resilient, hardly affected by anything. Chago, on the other hand, does not cope very well with change. Transitions always take a lot of time and explanation, and he's not easily swayed. Today, he fussed quite a bit at the school, but mostly because he wanted to play with the dinosaurs. He really had no interest in the other children, the teachers, the cute little kidsize potties or even the playground. Nothing. And although it was obvious he was trying to latch on to something he was familiar with, I do still know this child and recognize his "moves" from a mile away. "Pick me up, Mama." "May I please touch the dinosaur, Mama?" "I won't hold it, just touch it, okay, Mama?" "May I take it home please, Mama?"

Anyway, after a fairly satisfactory visit, we were on our way back to the truck, which was parked just across the street from a restaurant, when Mommy notices a mess on the sidewalk and says, "Oh, watch out, don't step on the jalapenos." We all immediately looked at each other -- grinning -- just waiting. But when Chago looked around and didn't see any obvious penises strewn about, he just kept on walking.

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