Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Pancake Store

Took the kids to IHOP for the first time this weekend. Man, can they eat! Saia ate all her scrambled eggs and two pancakes. Chago ate all 5 of his pancakes and then ate 2 of Saia's (bartered his eggs). Then they each had bites of Mommy's omelet and Mama's Eggs Benedict, full glasses of milk and juice, and then they were actually asking for dessert! They're monsters!!

But it was amazing to watch them put their napkins in their laps, use their little forks and knives (okay, intermittently), sit straight up in their booster seats like little adults, and drink out of their very own glasses (okay, with lids and straws). But they're just such big kids now, asking to go to the restroom and putting in their two cents (and then some) into our every conversation. Occupying themselves in their carseats with pretend play and books. I'm just so excited to see how they're going to flourish in school. First day of Pre-Preschool is Sept. 19th.

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