Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Birth of a Negotiator

[So, this is where I begin the long drawn out process of apologizing to my mother for everything I ever said or did as a child.]

The kids had very, shall we say, "successful" trips to the potty this morning, so, as a reward, you know by now that they get 15 minutes (only) of a children's video of their choosing. This morning they picked "The Jungle Book". They typically start it from the beginning, unless they'd just watched it the day or two before, in which case they'll just pick up where they left off. When the timer went off 15 minutes into the movie, though, I could hear them both start their negotiations with their Mema:

"No, Mema," begs Saia, "just until...until...until the scene ends." [that's one of their new words this week and they try to use it every chance they get]

"No, Saia," interjects Chago,"not when the scene ends." And he turns to Mema and very carefully explains that they will be watching it "ONLY" until Baloo takes Mowgli back to the man-village. That's all. At which point they would be more than happy to turn it off, is the intimation.

FYI - that happens to be the very last scene of the movie.

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