Monday, March 06, 2006


So, about 5 hours into my day on Thursday I get the dreaded call from daycare. "Santiago's throwing up."

Ugh. I knew it!

So, we stayed home on Friday and nursed his ailing tummy all weekend, and now it (FINALLY) looks like everyone's better. [knocking on wood as I write]

They should be transferring to the 3-year-old classroom pretty soon, so we've started talking to them about that transition -- one that I'm afraid is, at first, going to really throw them off, but which will ultimately be a really great move. The classes are smaller and tend to focus on more academic activities rather than overpaid babysitting services. And it's not that I'm not grateful for the daycare, it's just that it's so obvious the kids are bored to death. We probably did more activities in the past 6 days while they were sick than they've done all year at school. And that's really starting to worry me.

So...we'll just bide our time and hope the move works out best all the way around -- sooner rather than later. Until then, I guess we'll all just have to put up with the current situation, and I'll have to schedule yet another visit with their teachers to find out why the kids keep coming home with projects that "Ms. Jennifer did" or "Ms. Heather did". I mean, I'm sure THEIR mothers are VERY proud of them, but I'd like to see what MY children can do, you know?

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