Tuesday, March 07, 2006


In the water area at the Children's Museum

"Mama, my bug is gone?" asks Chago on the way to school this morning.

"Yes, son, all gone. Don't you feel better?"

"Yes, I threw him up."

"You sure did."

"He went down the toilet and onto his web."

"His web? What kind of bug did you have?" I ask.

"I had a spider," he says very matter o' factly. "But he's gone now. And now he's just waiting for a fly, but not me because I'm not a fly."

"That's right, babe."

"Mama! Mama! My bug was a beetle!" chimes in Saia.

"And where did your beetle go?"

"Down the toilet. Back to his family. He was lonely in my belly, but now he's happy again."

"Great. So all our bugs are gone?"

"YES!" they scream in unison. "But," clarifies Chago, "they might be back for a visit someday."

Oh, please, let's hope not anytime soon.

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