Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Last night the kids came home to find a big ol' box of bday stuff from Mema just sittin' on the porch waiting for them to tear into. It took all my powers of negotiation [read "threats"] and reasoning [read "bribery"] to get them to even get into the house, let alone put away their things and go potty.

Here's about two seconds of the 40 minute event:

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Thanks for everything, Mema!

Last night we loved the stickers most. This morning, we really loved the racing rabbits (see below).

By the weekend we'll be well into the doctor's kit and chef's outfit, just you wait and see!!! And if our mommies would just let us rip into those puzzles, man, we'd be in heaven! Okay, gotta go. Mama just caught us putting our new chappies (aka, chapstick) on Nena and Ryce.

See you later!!!
Love, Saia & Chago

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