Thursday, March 16, 2006


Santiago shaking his groove thang, all retro'd out with his half tuck, cord/plaid jacket, and Texas star buckle!!!

Sat them down at school this morning to say my good-bye's when I overheard Ms. Jennifer asking Chago what tomorrow was. "My birthday!" he yells. And what was going to happen tomorrow, she continues. "You'll give me cupcakes!!" he reveals.

I look up at her from over my sunglasses and she blushes a little.

"Well..." she begins.

I interrupt with "I'll make sure to bring in their cupcakes tomorrow morning, if that's alright."

"Yes," she says, "I thought you might." And I think she smirked at me.

Damn right, woman!! It's bad enough you guys sneak in pudding and jello snacks without even warning us, let alone asking us if it's alright and then just sending them home for us to try to calm and prep for bed while they're running around on a sugar high because they DON'T EAT SUGAR!!! But CUPCAKES!!! Are you insane?!?!? They'll be bouncing off the walls for 3 days!!!

Stay tuned for MY cupcake recipe coming soon.

UPDATE: CLICK HERE FOR THE CUPCAKES I MADE FOR SCHOOL (minus the nuts, and used dried cherries instead of dates).

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