Tuesday, March 14, 2006


So, very shortly after the photos above were taken, the children decided that they were not going to eat anything unless it was topped or covered or dipped or sprinkled with something else. Pretty much anything else would do, in fact.

They already used Ranch dressing on their salads, and, although we used it sparingly, it really did help get the veggies down on those I-don't-wanna days. But, much to my chagrin, Mommy recently introduced them to mustard and ketchup. So, off we go to the store to find low-sodium versions of those damn edible crayolas.

They've also got their cinnamon, a couple of different renditions of Mrs. Dash, and a variety of grated cheese options. But now, with all these choices, they're just completely befuddled during the whole ordering process, which is at least bearable at home, but downright painful at a restaurant.

"Well...well...I want...I want...carrots, but with KETCHUP!!!" yells Saia excitedly. "No, wait, MUSTARD! Yes, mustard."

"No!" says Chago with the more refined taste. "Broccoli with parmesan. On the side."

And yes, they almost always want it on the side. So now, on top of everything else, I feel like Meg Ryan in Harry Met Sally - taking 40 minutes to place an order that, guess what, they're not even gonna finish anyway and now we can't even take it home for later because it's drenched in a rainbow of toppings that just don't taste well reheated!!!

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