Monday, April 06, 2009


For those of you just dye-ing to hear, we're now up to 3 dozen eggshells, all rinsed out, dried up, and ready to be dressed up for Easter.  And no, it's not nearly what we've done in the past (in 2005, for instance, we had a record 10 dozen to dye, fill, hide, and crack.  Yes, people, that's right -- 120 eggs -- with 2-year-olds!  Let's just say, it was a rough winter that year.)

Anyway, many thanks to everyone who sent us suggestions for egg-dishes. We're now well on our way to a successful cascaron-making session this Saturday. 

For those of you still wanting to try to make your own, here's a basic recipe from Recipe Zaar.

And for those of you thinking that sounds like way too much work, you can still buy them and have them shipped before Easter (or, apparently, any old holiday) from GraciesEggies.


gracies-eggies said...

Cascarones are such fun. In south Texas, they are so popular that you can buy the emptied and cleaned eggshells from the local egg farms!


Oh, God, we loooove them! You can take the girls out of Texas, but...we've never stopped making our cascarones.

Now, they're not nearly as pretty as they used to be P.T. (pre-twins), but as long as they get dyed, filled, sealed, and hidden, they're good to go!

Great idea selling them online, too. When we lived in Louisiana, Massachusetts, Seattle, and now in Cali, we've always gotten questions from people asking how to make them and where to get them.

Wishing you lots of eggy-orders this week!!

Anonymous said...


Don't Lick The Ferrets! said...

Egg salad! Yummy Yummy!!


Yes, Tracey. See the links in the post for a description and even a place to order online. :)

Will have plenty of egg-cracking pics after Easter to share, I'm sure.


Yum, I do love me some egg salad. And deviled eggs, especially, are a family favorite. But those aren't gonna help with the cascarones. Need to hollow out the shells for it to work. :(