Wednesday, April 01, 2009

THE SAIA AND CHAGO SHOW - EPISODE 5 - Planting (and thensome)

In this latest episode of The Saia & Chago Show, the monsters decide to discuss the finer qualities of gardening, as we both planted our own garden this week here at home and they also planted lima beans at school.

The Green Thumb Adventure

But despite their apparent camaraderie on the set, it has been reported that off-camera the pair maintain a pretty incendiary relationship.  In fact, rumors have been flying around the backyard this week that the once inseparable team have decided that they're over and done with this duo thing and are ready to branch out on their own -- you know, having already gone multi-plantinum and each believing themselves to be the driving reason for the success of the group and all.

So, the pilot episodes of their solo careers...are Saia...and Chago.

Personally, this reporter feels this is only a temporary setback and that there will definitely be an Episode 6 next week, so stay tuned...

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