Thursday, July 23, 2009


Packing up pictures, call the kids over to see themselves at 7.5 weeks. Tiny little lima beans they were.

"Where, Mama?" asks Saia. "I don't see us."

"Right there, babe. That's Chago on my right and you on my left."

"But all I see are your tee-tees (aka, boobies)."

[Er, I mean, I know I'm 39, but, geez...I sure as hell hope they don't really look like THAT!]

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Woo222 said...

THERE you are! I was just coming to annoy you and ask where you've gone to. I know you're really busy right now. Just thought I'd check in. I love the ultrasound pic and Saia's interpretation of it! :) How are ya doing? I see you've tackled the pictures..I'm really sorry, that's gotta be rough. Please know I'm thinking of you. ~Susan